My name is Ki’une.  Not too long ago, I was at the lowest point in my life – playing the victim, frustrated with my life situation, unhappy, struggling – you may know the feeling.  Life was a monotonous routine – I couldn’t remember one day from the last – the minutes, days, and weeks blurred into one confusing muddle of time-wasted mediocrity.  One day, I had enough.  I will always remember that day.  It was the day I decided to take control and start living on my own terms.  It was the day I started believing.  Since then, what I used to believe was not possible has come to fruition.  Here is a fraction of the results:

Now I want to continue sharing the goodwill with you, by writing about some of the topics I’m most passionate about:

  • Facing your fears.  I don’t mean your-life-is-in-danger fears, but mental fears such as the fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of being alone, and fear of what other people think.  Challenge these fears, challenge yourself, and you’ll find a wealth of possibility you never knew existed.
  • Taking action.  Stop talking.  Act now.  Apologize later.  Good news!  Most people never act, so you’ll discover plenty of opportunities if you do take action.  Need I repeat Lao Tzu’s super-quote again?  The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!!! (I’ve added the exclamations because this is something near and dear to me.)
  • Going out on your own.  Better to be an original you than a cheap knockoff of something/someone else.
  • Adventure.  I love travel and engaging in adventurous activities.  I get unique insights from experiencing other cultures and from my focus in the great outdoors.  You don’t need to scale daunting cliffs like I do, but I recommend constantly keeping on your toes, not getting comfortable, trying new things, always learning, and doing one thing every day that scares you.
  • Being present.  This one’s a tricky concept, but it really puts things in perspective.  Life’s never really that bad.  You are here at this moment to be alive and awesome.  Remember this, be grateful for your time here, and make the most of it.  Don’t allow past grievances, worrying about the future, and things that you can’t control steal from this precious moment you have.  Your mind and perspective is everything.
  • Balance.  Moving every major area of your life towards a 10/10: health, wealth, career, emotions, spirituality, adventure, and relationships.
  • Living each day as if it were your last.  Truly understanding this concept.
  • Harmony.  Living constructively, understanding your oneness with all living things, and your impact on other people and  the environment around you.
  • Keeping it simple.  Going clutter-free.  Curtailing your desires.  Physical clutter becomes mental clutter.

More importantly, I want you to know that if you’ve come here from a place of frustration or unhappiness, that I completely understand what you’re going through.  I’ve been there myself, and have had my less-than-stellar moments too where I need to draw on my own inner strength to stand tall.  If you’ve followed me on Twitter or Facebook, you can see how I’m constantly figuring things out along my journey.  I want you to know that you’re not alone, that we’re in this together, and what I write here can be a crutch for those times when you need one.

Life is so incredibly, stupidly, wonderfully short.  It seems like I blinked and the past 10 years vanished away.  When I blink again, another 50 will disappear and I will be an old man.  So, I have no choice to make the most out of each moment.  Today I move forward – just like yesterday and the day before.  I may fail along the way, but each failure will be just another brick in my palace.

Please join my journey and share your experiences.

On the other side of fear lies freedom!


(Ki – Japanese for “energy”.  Une – Romance language for “one”)